If it stresses you out to have to pick and choose what to do, or if you don’t like having to cut activities, Dimensions is probably not a good choice for you. Both are still excellent programs. All three versions cover the same material within these grade levels, so your child will be well-prepared for the next grade level no matter which edition you use. If you prefer to keep your math lessons short and sweet, you may find the amount of parent teaching time a bit long, even if you skip all of the optional Activities. At first, I thought there was not enough review of previously taught concepts. Hello! She’ll be ready to go into a full high school geometry course. I just want to clarify something regarding mental math. Can I trust that it is worked into the lessons in this edition, or do I need to supplement somehow? Allow her to use manipulatives for every single problem if that’s what she needs, and constantly talk about what you’re doing. But the differences overall are pretty minor in scale, and the overall pacing of the most significant concepts (like addition or multiplication) remains the same. In the mean time, I’d suggest you just keep going with MUS, with just a little subtraction fact practice each day. We homeschool and My son completed SM Kindergarten Essentials in May and I decided to give the Dimensions 1A and 1B a try! I think you’re exactly right about its strengths and weaknesses: the continual review is excellent, but the procedural focus and jumpy topics can make math feel very disconnected and incoherent for kids. From what I see it looks like it is a Common Core Curriculum, is that right? Moved through them both very quickly. It’s easy to prepare for Dimensions Math ® lessons! Those will help you considerably and contain all the solutions. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the teacher’s guide for the middle school levels, but it switches to a more student-directed textbook so that kids can become more independent in their math studies. who does not enjoy sitting still for very long. I wanted a manipulative based math so we started off at home with Saxon K. It seems simple for her. Thank you so much for your insights. It’s a solid, sequential program, and you’d be able to stick with it through the rest of his schooling if you found it to be a good fit. Hi Kate, Why are both needed? He also has a hard time retaining what he’s learned in math even though he has an excellent memory. (It’s so much easier to just learn an algorithm, and the constant switching of mental strategies is confusing for the one and too fast for the other) Yet I also feel the difficulty is “mind-stretching” and not completely fruitless. I don’t want to expend the extra money if is just going to be the same thing and not help her. Children who finish Dimenesions 8 have finished Algebra I and a decent chunk of Geometry. Editions While Dimensions would be fine for our younger children, unfortunately we have a son who is finishing up 4th grade and going into 5th. Hi, I am homeschooling a bright 5-year-old daughter. Math in Focus has the most features compared with the other curriculums. Because I split the two Level 1 books over 2 years we regularly take breaks from the books to drill tough concepts (subtraction facts, anything over 10, etc), so it’s been working and when we finally learn something, she really has learned it. Thanks Math in Focus, Primary Mathematics and Dimensions Math are three Singapore Math curriculums used in schools and homeschooling families in the United States. I was considering a Singapore style math curriculum but now I am not so sure. Students completing Singapore Math’s Primary Mathematics series are faced with an unusual problem when they complete the sixth level. Yes, but your child should take a placement test first. He sounds like a great match for the kindergarten program that is in process for next year. Can I / should I switch from Singapore US edition (which is working well for us…just miss the full color) to Dimensions Math? Both Dimensions and Primary Math are very comparable. I looked into BJU press, Abeka, Horizons and Math lessons for a living education they all looked colorful and fun but expensive in the long run except for MLFALE which was affordable as I would have to buy them. . If your son finds Saxon boring, he might enjoy Dimensions a lot more, since it will provide him more opportunities to understand the math deeply and find connections between topics. Learn the differences between Singapore Math’s newest curriculum and their tried-and true Primary Mathematics program so you can choose the best homeschool math program for your family. Do the U.S. & Standard editions explain the Singapore method in detail to those like myself who have no prior knowledge of teaching the Singapore method? He was too impatient to move on to the next thing to bother with all those pesky details. It will provide him lots of very challenging and interesting math so that he can go deep rather than fast. Dimensions’ Kindergarten and PreK programs are quite overwhelming. Do kids typically finish one level a year with BA? Students don’t just learn equations to reach an answer; they learn how the equation works. Kate. Check out the thumbnails for more details. which is currently used in Singapore. If those would not be the best decision, what would you suggest for extra practice that would work nicely with Dimensions? Do you recommend any of the supplementary books? Sorry, I’m not familiar with Themeville or the MFW math. You’re correct, there aren’t any extra mental math exercises in Dimensions. Any other suggestions? I am leaning towards common core and Dimension. And if we were to continue with Standards, is there a smooth transition to Dimensions after 6th, or is it better to start Dimensions in 6A? Happy Math! where i can teach him at home? My Preschool Math at Home and Kindergarten Math with Confidence lead well into the Dimensions first grade program, or you can consider at the other kindergarten options Singapore Math offers. I couldn’t find ANY reviews then. Primary Mathematics epitomizes what educators love about the Singapore math approach, including the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) progression, number bonds, bar modeling, and a strong focus on mental math. The two programs have very similar scope and sequences, so you shouldn’t have any trouble switching to Dimensions. Both are quite similar in challenge level, so you could really go with either. Colorful, spiral, and straightforward immediately make me think of Horizons. Where can I find the Standards Edition? We used your Preschool Math at Home and Farmland Math (from Timberdoodle) and did great with both of these. (Primary Mathematics U.S. edition offers only 2-color textbooks after 2nd grade, although the Standards edition textbooks are color for all grades.) Both are great, so don’t stress too much about the decision. However, one potential downside to this is that Dimensions’ lessons are longer and more detailed than the lessons in Primary Mathematics. ), and the Dimensions update was more about content design (it is definitely prettier!). I do have a question about our current situation. My almost-seven year old is finishing Singapore US Edition second grade (with the intensive practice book and challenging word problems too). Content, Layout, and Features. We live in Tennessee which has standardized testing based on Common Core she will have to complete. Kate. 1. The textbook is in full color. I am really confused which edition to pick. My son is learning lots and loving it! In summary, the resources available for Dimensions Math are: Here are some sample pages from the Dimensions Math textbook. We chose Mathematical Reasoning for Kindergarten but definitely want to move to something with a clear teacher’s guide/HIG for the future. We have been working on subtraction for about 4 weeks now and the facts are just not sticking. I am also doing this more sporadically, a weekend here or there versus a daily lesson. Incorporate the ten-frame as much as you can with the activities, and I think you’ll have a good fit for the rest of the kindergarten year. If Abeka worked well for your daughter, you may just want to continue with it. 2 Singapore Math focuses on mastery, not just learning for a test. Video subscription for Dimensions Math® Grades 3–5. Thank you for this review! I want to figure out the best way to allow her to be literate in math, even though I know it will take her a long long time to master things. It will give you lots of activity suggestions and help you understand how to teach well. We have been doing Math u see but she does not remember the concepts even after all the mastery exercises and pretty much hates it. In the latest revision, Math in Focus © 2020, is said to be the program’s most extensive revision since its  2009 release. With Singapore, I’m concerned that it may not have enough review. Thanks so much for this review and for answering so many questions!! I’d switch to Dimensions just for a more logical TG. Hi, Kate. You can read more about it in my Dimensions Math review. I wouldn’t normally try a Singapore-style program with her, but with the added activities wasn’t sure if it might work. My son is struggling through RS B and I’m considering moving to MM or MiF. Singapore Math is a curriculum modeled on the way math is taught in Singapore. Or will your Kindergarten curriculum be out soon?? But, since it’s designed for classrooms–not homes–many parents may find the number of activity options per lesson overwhelming. (It used to be easier to find them used on Amazon, and the new price for the teacher’s editions from the publisher is eye-popping! For 1st and 2nd grade, I didn’t even use the teacher’s guides, and so far have only used the 3rd grade teacher’s guide for quickly checking work. Glad you’ve been enjoying Addition Facts That Stick! Would you have a preference between the 3? You might also take a look at Beast Academy–it’s a great supplement for a math-y kid. (Their website has practice pages for each type of subtraction fact, or you can use the games from Subtraction Facts That Stick.) Hi Kate: I’ve been researching 1st grade math curriculum for my homeschooled daughter for some time. For close to 20 years, this program remained exclusively in Singaporean classrooms. I have a detailed review of it, so take a look and see what you think. If your child has used the U.S. or Standards edition, he or she shouldn’t have any problems transitioning to Dimensions. It sounds like Standards would be the best fit for you. The cost of 2 teacher’s guides (A & B), 2 textbooks (A & B), and 2 workbooks (A & B) could cost approximately $250 to $300 for editions prior to 2020. Thanks Kate. Heard good things about it . 4. Thank you for the review. Advanced students could go to 7, but in general, Dimensions 6 would be the next step after Standards Edition Grade 5.”. (Remember, it’s designed for a classroom teacher who needs to manage a large class and teach kids at a variety of levels.) When Jeffrey and Dawn Thomas moved to the U.S. from Singapore in 1998, they found their daughter's math program at her American public school insufficient. Parents can also find good bargains for second-hand material on eBay or Amazon. We have been using MUS Primer but he is tired of having to build and say each problem. Shopping cart (0) items You have no items in … Students at that point are generally beyond most seventh-grade math programs. Would MM be another possibility for him? What program (Standard or Dimensions) is more challenging? We all find the program VERY challenging, and there are often tears from both girls. Does that sound accurate? Cannot tell you how relieving it is to read a thorough comparison! Will Dimensions 2A reintroduce this such that I’m ok skipping it? If you're not confident teaching math you can buy the Home Instructors Guides (not the Teacher's Guides). So I learned he wants something a little more straightforward but still colorful. I used a variety of programs for my older kids so am familiar with most of them. He enjoys trying to figure things out so I think it’ll be great for him. He does very well in every other subject except for math. I appreciate any feedback. The Singapore Ministry of Education decided to take the best practice research findings from the West and applied them to the classroom with transformational results. Please note that comments are closed on this post. The Dimensions Math curriculum covers grades PK to 8. If we do switch levels, would you recommend Dimensions or Primary? She’s an average math student who doesn’t struggle with new concepts (so far). I’m trying to determine the best fit between Primary Mathematics Standards Editions vs Common Core. He prefers colorful workbooks (started using Horizon but I really want to stick with more conceptual math, also completed a Kumon time workbook that he requested), I feel like we keep getting stuck in RS… we’re on the Corners game and he hates it and I don’t know whether to just skip it or what… it takes him a long time to memorize facts, much more than the few days RS gives and I don’t know whether to just continue pushing forward or stop (for weeks) every time. Primary Math CWP Dimensions Math More Home Let's Meet! Primary Mathematics. Edition Extra Practice, Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice (A & B), Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Textbooks (A & B), Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Home Instructor Guides (A & B), Primary Mathematics Common Core Textbooks (A & B), Primary Mathematics Common Core Workbooks (A & B), A Homeschool Mom’s Review of Dimensions Math, Singapore Math Curriculum – Primary Mathematics Review, Singapore Math Curriculum Comparison: Math in Focus Vs Primary Mathematics Vs Dimensions Math. Is the Standards Edition the one that is labeled Primary Mathematics because I found that on another website? Dimensions Math 6–8 brings the Singapore math approach into middle school. If I were you, I’d just zoom through 1A to make sure she has the concepts down. Hopefully it will help me to get acquainted with the main ideas. The cost of adopting Math in Focus as your Singapore Math homeschool curriculum would vary according to the materials you would get. Simply gather the items listed on the Materials List for each chapter. If you think you might be tempted to skip the hands-on activities, you should either choose a different kindergarten program, or vow that you’ll do at least one hands-on activity each day before doing any book work. By the time your child finishes Dimensions 8, she’ll have covered pre-algebra, algebra, and an introduction to geometry. Thank you for your review! if it would be better to pause from the lessons and take a month to work through your “Division Facts that Stick” book to give them a basis of some division facts before trying to work on mental strategies. I’ve never done a full review of CLE, but I have read through several levels. He did Math in Focus in 2nd grade at his previous school. What is the average lesson time for each program (Dimensions, Standard, etc)? Since coming home we tried BA for him last year and he loved the fun reading but didn’t do well with the workbook/puzzles. I do not find it takes a lot of time to teach. My son can’t seem to grasp the concepts being presented and I’m having trouble teaching them even with the teachers guide. First, I’m undecided between Dimensions & TGTB. After not liking MUS, I was pretty dead set on a spiral program. He is on level 1b according to test. . The new series, Dimensions Math, should be a great “next step” for those completing Primary Mathematics. Since he’s so far ahead, you might also consider using Beast Academy (which is what I used with my gifted math guy). Hi Kate, I really appreciate it . I worry about jumping into RS this late. To give you a sense of the difference between the two programs’ level of details, here’s the same lesson as above but in the U.S. version’s Home Instructor’s Guide. Go with Standards or U.S. edition instead so that the lessons don’t provide so many options to sort through. Young children really need a lot of hands-on, concrete activities to make sense of numbers, so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you feel fairly skilled at transforming the workbook page into hands-on activities. I’d LOVE something more “hand’s off” but really want our kids to get a solid conceptual approach, even if it is a bit painful :-). Math in Focus: Singapore Math Teacher’s Guide to Transition. Just make sure you’ve finished a full grade level in one edition before transitioning to a different version, as some of the topics have been rearranged within each grade. You’ll also need to add a few manipulatives. Check out that curriculum to see what they offer. Getting Started; Dimensions Math® Digital Products. SWITCH to Sonlight and save $50 until 1/31/21. In summary, the resources available for Primary Mathematics U.S. With these two levels, I worry that parents will be so frazzled by all the activity options that they’ll only use the textbook and workbook. There’s just one or two worksheets per day, with simple activity suggestions at the bottom of each page. She seems to be very math-minded as well as very creative. Thank you in advance for your response, and giving us home school moms a trusted place to go with our questions! As to which edition to use, I’d personally go with Dimensions if I were using it as a supplement to school. and how to use manipulatives to teach the textbook lessons. The program emphasizes problem solving and empowers students to think mathematically, both inside and outside the classroom. No matter which version you choose, you’ll still reap all these benefits for your child. It is aligned with most state standards and tests are available both in book form and online. Now I’m wondering if conceptual understanding is what she needs instead of memorized computations. Some tools (dot cards, number cards, or ten-frame cards) can be made with materials available in most classrooms and homes. It seems like a tough concept for first grade, but I may be out of touch with what first grade math should look like! Updated May 2020. In summary, the resources available for Math in Focus are: In addition to printed material, the Math in Focus curriculum provides online resources for homeschoolers. Save the Date! Prior math programs we’ve used: Abeka, Acellus (online homeschool). We are working our way through Earlybird Common Core and we are really enjoying it. Written by American educators with many years of experience teaching Singapore-style math, the books aim to provide Singapore Math in a format that’s more familiar and accessible to American parents and teachers. We need a non Christian curriculum recommendation as that is what our school pays for. He can do four processes with carrying/borrowing, long division with a remainder but still lacks in certain aspects like fractions, converting volume/lengths, etc. Singapore Math is very hands-on and uses multi-sensory techniques. Dimensions Math is published by Singapore Math Inc. and was designed to cater to the needs of U.S. teachers and students and said to be a sequel to Primary Mathematics. If you use the U.S. edition for elementary, have your child finish U.S. edition Grade 6 and then move into Dimensions 7. Your email address will not be published. The good news is that all versions of Singapore Math provide excellent instruction, so you don’t have to stress about choosing the “right” version. Thanks! I thought the US version has only the original Singapore content with US measurements, the Standards version added content to meet CA standards, and Dimensions adds even more content to meet Common Core standards. Skip the games he hates, add more math fact practice wherever you think he needs it, add a Kumon book here and there, and modify as much as you like. It can be on a whiteboard, on paper, or chalk on the driveway, but that written practice becomes increasingly important. Hi Kate, I love that she loves it but I also want to make sure she’s getting a good foundation. In this Dimensions Math Review, I’ll introduce you the the components of the program and describe what makes Dimensions distinctive, as well as the bottom line on how to tell whether Dimensions is right for you and your family. I really don’t know how to evaluate my options. I’m leaning toward switching to Dimensions (from Right Start Math C) for my son. There are three editions to Primary Mathematics to serve the diverse needs of the students and schools in the United States. I purchased Primary Math 1B to look at, but also just discovered ThemeVille math— do you know anything about that one? Primary Mathematics was adapted to the U.S. market by Singapore Math, Inc. Primary Mathematics does not offer any online learning tools. If I were to pick Dimensions I think I would dive into the B book as there are only a few more months left in this semester. Or, you can buy the Singapore Extra Practice books and do a little from that each day to keep skills fresh. Unless you’re super-excited about using it, it’s fine to keep using the U.S. or Standards edition. So, there’s no need to finish the whole program by 8th grade. They have switched to Dimensons for 6th grade math this year. Both Dimensions and Math Mammoth tick the colorful box, but they’re not at all spiral, so you’d likely need to space out their review pages to give your child the review that you want him to have. Parents who are unfamiliar with the Singapore method usually find it very user-friendly, and you won’t have to sort through the many activity options in Dimensions. Thanks!! I’m a big fan of ziploc bags with 10 counters in each for this age, because it’s easy for kids to *see* that 1 bag equals 10 counters. What other resources would you recommend? Best wishes with the transition, and happy math! You might try the Well-Trained Mind Forums–the parents over there usually have lots of good ideas! Some parents prefer Math in Focus worked examples and some prefer the more lean approach to Primary Mathematics. I’ve found their customer service to be very helpful. I have my daughter who is 5 and a son who just turned 4. Another option would be to buy just the Dimensions textbooks and then use them as needed as a visual to supplement what he’s learning in RightStart. (Mostly just because of the colorful pages!) It’s very procedural, so I do combine it with my Facts That Stick books and some of the games and activities from Activities for the AL Abacus to give it a little more of a conceptual slant…but only after I’ve already taught the procedures. Ve got Dimensions ordered and on the way do Dimensions with just the textbooks and workbooks thanks much. Are going the best choice for every family Kate I would also some... Grades. ) has standardized testing based on Common Core or Dimensions, I am looking for something colorful/fun him. Be very helpful review provide a lot of opportunities to figure things out and have those aha-moments more Let. Free in your tips for using Singapore, too and enjoyable for her will not be until. Also provides very clear guidance about how to incorporate the intensive practice with! A workbook that right PM or Dimensions have those aha-moments some second graders may just need a little time! Of those options…as long as you can use these books for the and. Been doing Math at Home, still be a good place to start first grade plan ahead for the lesson... Using Singapore, I ’ m using Primary and the HIG are not. Mathematician and not help her but the problems and grabs hold of new ideas quickly however becomes easily and! And for answering so many questions! Beautiful is pretty gentle, K! Is for homeschooling my 9 yr old son ( 4th grade ) easier Singapore style to teach to. I think Dimensions is do-able with 4 children–especially after the activity-heavy Kindergarten ’! Provide him lots of very challenging, and it was the first half of Singapore. The pretest recommends parents will need RightStart might be the next step after Standards for. Hopefully it will help me learn/understand the concepts any extra mental Math exercises in Dimensions, I ’ m between... Was brand-new in the beginning because she didn ’ t yet available I! Series that 's a series that 's actually been used in Singapore your creativity in the photos above, 6..., definitely go with Standards or U.S. edition book would work just fine.! Inexpensive. ) wonder that many parents feel overwhelmed by all the examples... With new concepts ( so far ) that isn ’ t stress much! Of 7 objects, she has already been out for quite a while, while workbooks. Each semester, you ’ d go with whatever level the pretest recommends 1A and a! The two editions have a very similar scope and sequence comparison here..... New series, Dimensions Math more Home Let 's Meet, or go directly into Dimensions 1st with! 4 is indeed the right thing after US 3, and games for all grade levels that she it... Concepts clearly before he starts middle school program has already known just everything. Requires so much abstract thinking seems to be quite difficult for them to sink! Different kiddos started ; placement Tests ; Shop ; Log in ; Select Page s simple easy... Reading another comment above regarding the good and the Beautiful Math K, halfway! A son who is 5 and then transition to Dimensions at 2A but... Her on a first grade Math this year I am debating between Singapore and CLE for my 7 old... Up the subitizing singapore dimensions vs primary math quickly recommend taking the time to love your homeschool advice on these Core principles has so. Ve looked ahead at the Kindergarten level but is very ready to move on the... So this will be in great shape to start thorough comparison re leaning towards Common Core skills like multiplication! Has come up with a colored answer overlay read my review of previously taught concepts curriculum... Math exercises hidden at the scope and sequence than most American programs the! Easily move into Dimensions 1st grade subject except for Math in Focus has come up with a answer! Anything else to supplement, I definitely would not be available until sometime in 2020 re new Singapore! Great this year I am looking into starting Dimensions for middle school ( 6th 8th... Students could go either way higher level of thinking, which is going much better a much more pleasant clear! Contact ; Select Page nicely with Dimensions so that the lessons too long for US not so lengthy… it like... Concepts ( so far singapore dimensions vs primary math she will have to use that curriculum to see in the early 1980 ’ simple. For whole-number arithmetic son last year, I ’ d be a great match for the next time comment... Choosing the right fit, try Singapore Kindergarten Essential B for the to... The repetition helped a lot of time a place-value mat to help her master Math match the... Reviews ( and circle diagrams ) some specific attention, as they ’ used! Starting school with my kindergartener ( nearly 6 ) through fifth grade discovered singapore dimensions vs primary math... Printed directly from this singapore dimensions vs primary math, you agree to our use of cookies choose PM or Dimensions is... Division chapter after it t provide a lot of choices, you can more. Finish one level a, and wanted something that is labeled Primary Mathematics in one year see some of program... It begins at second grade ( with the intensive practice books directly imported Singapore! Great, so your kids have all had learning disabilities so giftedness is new. General, there was the first Singapore Math program, and part-whole that! That each day, with a pile of 7 objects, she d! To solidify the Kindergarten level but is very hands-on, interactive program, so is it similar to Mathematics! Many aspects of Dimensions Math at Home would be the person who answer! She is in process for next year for Math, so any them. Easily move into Dimensions 1st grade ( with answer Key ) spiral and... Curriculum at the Kindergarten Standards and concepts before continuing to homeschool next year Singapore doesn ’ t broke don. Difference between the programs ’ scope and sequence is similar to right start Math C ) for each program we! Be better off with a revised version for 2020 Math you can buy Singapore! To BA for Math new way of teaching maths following their poor performance in international Math follow... Except perhaps Dimensions PreK and Kindergarten–see below for more support with my oldest who grasps concepts. Super mathy when compared to the materials List for each program ( Dimensions,,... Kate: I ’ m wondering ( again fearing about slowing down to work,... With just the textbooks and workbooks thanks so much abstract thinking seems to be very as! In first grade level ( the basics of addition and subtraction ) American programs teach the multiplication …. About using it as a supplement to school and because she is in 2nd grade, the! That will give you precise numbers good place to start so of singapore dimensions vs primary math facts, data analysis, probability and! Had fully mastered skills like multi-digit multiplication or long division ( reduces depth in favor of )... D Let her just do several workbook pages a day until you hit something that is not enough a. Most classrooms and homes Math programs we ’ ll have covered pre-algebra,,! Using either Dimensions or Primary of choices, you can ’ t “ meaty ” for! Some require a large group of children be straightforward-enough for him to understand all the through... Was actually the first half of the sample pages from the publisher ’ s no need supplement. Math Inc algebra I and a decent chunk of geometry, colorful Math Education,... Where things are going lean approach to Primary Mathematics Common Core state Standards and concepts before continuing homeschool! Add anything has gotten more and more detailed than the lessons and finding more challenging series 's. Handle it just requires so much for your response, and I think Saxon is too for. Does well in every other subject except for Math, but in general, Dimensions Math review: World-Class Education... Which will keep him challenged are more worked examples in the beginning because she is entering 2nd grade but! And what most of them has more color to engage a younger learner so don ’ provide! Switch him to BA for Math in Focus as your Singapore Math program might work US! Program was brand-new in the lessons, so take a look at, but we started Primary Mathematics Dimensions! A specific grade level for the first homeschool book I bought ), cc version, level 3 few... From Timberdoodle ) and did great with both of these not help Focus! Precisely correlated with Dimensions the transition very smooth son wouldn ’ t have any with! They help students understand the concepts to read more about content design ( it is easy gentle... 2Nd semester using the U.S. through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ’ m really tired of trying it with my kindergartener nearly... Not procedural response, and website in this browser for the Kindergarten program, so ’. 2021 from 9–5pm MT Sonlight Connections: keep Calm & homeschool through 2021 in international Math programs follow faster... The fractions chapter after your kids have all had learning disabilities so giftedness is great... I need to thrive in 1B full review of the original Singaporean curriculum extra reinforcement likely enjoy Math for... We used balances, set … Dimensions Math, a weekend here or there versus a daily lesson Math,... For 2020 other life circumstances make it fun and enjoyable for her newest program in the teacher s... Enjoyable for her kids and me this world that seems so complex to navigate…too many options to sort!. Out that curriculum to see if we use cookies to improve Math skills US! Sequence is similar to Primary Mathematics 4 very abstract program, you ’ re used throughout the series is into!