Weather Reporter: Oh, right. Important Links. Luan: Says Miss Bossy Boot! As the only boy, 11-year-old Lincoln is in the middle of all of the chaos. (It cuts to News Reporter #2 in a News Helicopter), News Reporter #2: Tucker, these kids have gone MAD! Or should we call it *burps* 50% BURPING PERCENT OFF! Project Loud House / In Tents Debate Lincoln has to get to school on time but getting his sisters out the door proves to be the biggest obstacle of all. We shouldn't being fighting about that. Bye. THE LOUD HOUSE. Besides, what am I going to tell my sisters? But anyways, I think we should help them, just in case something like that happens again. Maximus: So how is it being the token male, Lincoln? Just then, the doorbell is heard.) Maximus: This will allow us to get that revenge. Didn't you get my secret invite? The following is a transcript for the episode "Last Loud on Earth". Loan: We never seen Moms & Dad acting like this. The Loud House was created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon.Savino based the series on his own experiences growing up in a large family. Do you know what he was talking about? (Lincoln then goes into the park crashing through the park rangers office), Park ranger: Who cares? (takes Clyde into a janitor's closet) I'm actually the Destroyer. We now go to our reporters on the ground to the story develop. Clyde: You did. v - e - d The Loud House episode galleries Shorts The Loud House • Slice of Life • Deuces Wild • 12 Days of Christmas • No End in Bite • Speaking Sibling • So Long, Sucker • Robot Sitcom • The Maltese Bear • Put a Sock in It • 10 Headed Beast • King of the Chair • Clyde and His Dads (It then zooms out as it closes & heads into the other portal where the Daughters of Sin are also watching). (It starts at nighttime. The Loud House. Let's see what happens in this 5 minute episode of Last Loud On Earth from The Loud House. Subscribe for More of The Loud House \u0026 The Casagrandes: Watch More from The Loud House \u0026 Casagrandes:► Watch More from Nick: ► What More SpongeBob:► What More NickRewind:► What More All That: ► Watch More Henry Danger:► Watch More America’s Most Musical Family:► What’s On TV? It's fine once you get used to it. Lana: Lola, they're here to check out my new frog. Astronaut's Boss (speaker): Yeah, we felt it down here. I'm not a bad guy. Chandler: Why do you look like you've digging in people's trash? I am an old friend of your mother. With death glares, they all start grabbing & hitting each other with them. attached to them, Lori & Lincoln calling Bobby & Ronnie respectively & venting, Luna angrily dancing the Oceania Roll to the Loud House theme song, Luan rubbing her face against the floor, Lynn throwing a basketball into her crouch, Lucy & Lola playing 5 Finger Fillet, only for Lucy to stab Lola in the hand, making everyone watching wince, Lana flicking herself with a rubber band & grabbing a ping pong paddle & whacking herself on the head several times. (The 2 start fighting & the camera gets hit with a ball with Lynn noticing. (cuts to the news room with News Man Tucker). (A montage shows the Loud kids showing Maximus around the house), Lisa: Stay here, while we pee since we haven't gone bathroom since you got here. THE LOUD HOUSE. (Young Lori is seen sleeping with the phone & then cuts to black where the opening credits show with The Loud House Mix playing.) I'll get it. (holds up to his ear, only get scared & paranoid) Bun Bun, Bun Bun, we have to get out of here, We have to... (drops him) BUN BUN!!! OK, as I was saying... (the Loud kids starts running towards Rita and Lynn Sr with their clothes and hair messed up & tackle them, the reporter & cameraman cutting to the technical difficulties with this playing.). (kicks out the camera & it moves to Luna & Luan's room. Sorry about that. Choir: Come on in to Burpin' Burgers. Just for me..? Clyde: (notices Lincoln) Hey, Lincoln. He's killing my boyfriend!! Lupa: Let's prepare something if this happens again. Category page. 1. Like usual, do not edit this page without the owner's permission unless you are correcting spelling and/or grammar errors. Sticky Header . Heir Club for Men: Mrs. It was so big that it was seen in space as proved by NASA. (throws Rita aside & lunges at him & starts fighting him by ramming him into the wall, but was able to break from him & smashes a picture frame over Maximus' head), (They then start fighting all around the room & slam each other over the cupboard & the kitchen table with Maximus being able to beat Lynn Sr.), (Maximus then starts the sink & fills it with water to drown him, which he does as he rammed Lynn Sr.'s head into the water), (Rita, having recovered, grabs a knife & stabs him in the back, where he screams in pain & Lynn Sr. is saved from drowning. (reaches his home & jumps through the holes he went through the explosion back to Lisa & Lily's room, where Leni & Lynn are used as battering rams by the other sisters). It just that... we were planning to have 2-3 kids, not 10-11. But I'm stuck with this IT job for the time being. Lynn Sr.: Yeah, that is strange for a new dental assistant. (then rips pages out of it & slams in her face), (They dump hot water, cold water or ice on their heads which cause them to take off their clothes, save for their underwear, storm in and out of the rooms & later run around the house & the neighborhood naked. Spoilers!!! Lincoln (annoyed): Let's put in the next scene then. Prime Video: Loud House - Season 4 (It then jumps to the 1990s with a pregnant Rita & Lynn Sr. trying to support her, but they noticed water in the floor). Sometimes a white lie works for everyone. Sports Anchor: Well, with our equipment broken as well, all I can say is congratulations to the teams that won today. Only 50% off. Leni: I hadn't been this mad since that feud we had over that dress that escalated quickly. Last Loud on Earth. (shows them the Loud Kids' meltdown & they all start laughing). Narrator: Get the new Really Burping Burger... Burger! Ronnie Anne: Yup. Edit. News Man Tucker: And we're back. She's in the hospital? Police Officer #2: It'll be fine, ma'am. Leni (while banging her head against a keyboard): Why cant I computer?! Well, so does my teacher. (breaks down crying at the last word), (It then cuts to them smashes their fists into their beds, Lori making out with a pillow, Leni, Lincoln & Lana swimming onto themselves on the couch, Luna punching a brick several times, Luan squirting ketchup across her face, Lynn trying to eat a dry slice in 1 minute, but fails as well as punching herself in the face, Lincoln dumping a can of soda down his pants, Lucy revealing her eyes, showing that she's not right at all, while she tries to suffocate herself with a plastic bag, Lola kicks concrete & hurts her foot & Lisa shoves one of her remote up her butt.). (hisses). ), (Luna is seen playing & notices the audience). 3:56. [We see Squidward's house at sunrise. Can't tell! ), (Awhile later, the police arrived, but Maximus ran away before they came & Lynn Sr. & Rita are carried out on stretchers.). News Reporter #2: Don't worry. Follow. Rita: My day was fine. ... Watch fullscreen. The Loud House Season 4 Episode 18 Last Loud On Earth. (leaves the camera goes into the venting & Lincoln is heard saying) Dang It!! Luan: No, dirt girl! Loni: Like our lost-long sisters & brother? Weather Reporter: I hate to break it to you, Tucker, but the explosion ruined our weather tools need to predict the forecast. (laughs) Get it? ), Maximus: I've gather all of you tonight to help you get back on the Louds. Playlists. Lori: No no, that's good, I just wanna make sure that's what we're going for there. Eat it and then burp it up! Be right back. (It cuts to the News Report of the Destroyer). Lincoln: BTW, Lucy clogged the toilet with that Princess Pony magazine, not me. (broken) NOBODY COMES HERE ANYWAY! (It cuts to Lisa trying to melt ice cubes with her legs), Lisa: I think I didn't calculate this through! Lynn Sr: First of all, don't you ever let strangers in without permission ever again & second of all, that man was really a friend of ours for a while. 9 days ago | 33 views. You call me the freak but YOU'RE all the freaks with your FIVE TOED FEET! News Man Tucker: We'll let's see if there's anything on sports today. (Everyone starts to fight & Lily decides to join in), (Lynn Sr. & Rita looking frantic, who have came home at that time). (It shows the Loud Kids meltdown starting with them screaming while Combine Harvester plays. The Loud House Season 4 Episode 18 Last Loud On Earth. We'll find him. (opens it & sees Maximus) Who are you exactly? Loud intends to give Vanzilla to Lincoln someday. News Man Tucker: Earlier this morning, a reckless criminal being coined the Destroyer, wrecked Royal Woods this morning. After a night of zombie movies, Clyde and Lincoln find an empty Loud house and assume it's a zombie apocalypse. Lincoln: This isn't how I wanted to start my day or my movie! Lincoln (nervous): No, I haven't. What? ), (It then cuts to morning in Royal Woods & later The Loud House with My House playing in the background), (It cuts to Lincoln's room where he wakes up & then gets startled by the audience.). watch 01:20. When you live in a large family, getting seconds at dinner is always a challenge. Ronnie Anne: Morning, Bruno, I'll have the Great Lakes City special, one dog dragged through the garden. She's then shown, curled up in the corner, covering her bare toes with her hands) Don't look at them! ), Loud Kids (sedated): Okay. The Loud House Transcripts. The Loud Kids: Aw. (turns to Rita) Ms. Our class assignment is to do a report on our families. Tetherby: First, you & your sisters spray me with mustard & now you go through my house without warning! (laughs as everyone growls) Get it? She then picks up & looks at the camera in shock), (It then cuts to them take an angry selfie, screaming like this & posting them on social media with the text "WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!" (After the companies are shown, it cuts to show a view of Bangers & Mosh at night with Death of a Bachelor playing. D&D Beyond What was with the earful through the phone last night? With ten sisters, I can sum up mine in one word: "Chaos"! Leni: Guys. ; Empty Nest: Mr. So please don't ruin it for me. Kid #1: (gasp) A Burger! Rita: Kids, we are so sorry. Lisa: Look, while I can be intrusive for research purposes & did use them to keep you all from lying, I wouldn't record something that idiotic, you low-life! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lincoln: Hey, at least it was about you farting & not your feet! He is one of Lincoln's best friends. (gets up) I'm Lincoln Loud, the middle child & token male of the Loud Kids & this is my room. Narrator: Burgers: you love em! 09:03. Lincoln: Aah!! Choir: Come on in to Burpin' Burgers. Our happy gummies have kicked in. The Loud House season 4 episode 17 Tails of Woe : When Stella’s music box disappears at school, the gang immediately suspects the Rat Beast, a student urban legend. ), Maximus: Carol, where are you? Bruno: [sighs]You sure I can't interest you in a danish or something? Warning, through, as this contains things may not be suitable unless you took health class. She notices the camera. She's only a baby. It cuts to Luan with Mr. (Mr. Coconuts' mouth opens & waves at the camera), (It then cuts to the Loud Kids jump on their heads & then scream like maniacs going in a circle on the ground, Lori getting on a treadmill & runs on it while continuing to up the speed, only to fly into a wall, Lynn whipping herself with a wet towel & attempted to pole vault with a bo staff, only to fall on her face & then to Lucy slamming her hands on 1 of the poetry books. ᴴᴰ The Loud House New Ep 4A - Brawl in the Family _ Comedy cartn. You keep it occupied while I go find a stabilizer. Luan: Stop taking my puns!! [In a desolate small town, a man and his dog are running for their lives, being pursued by zombies.] The Loud House Season 4 Episode 18 Last Loud On Earth. Lori!! in the bathroom where Lincoln, in his PJs, is brushing his teeth, he went downstairs to watch some TV) LINCOLN: (to the viewers) You been with us for a while, guys. : Attention, all staff & students. Edit. (a huge chunks of bleeps appears), Lynn Sr: Too late! Why would I take a concert ruiner seriously? Did you record us?! ), (He waits until Lynn Sr. got up to clean off in the shower, puts on a ski mask & then breaks down the window & goes after Rita, while Lynn is showering. Lincoln then arrives). They said that something from our families' past will change everything we know & it'll take all of us to overcome it. (then goes back to sleep). Maximus: Alright, then. All Loud Kids: We know, we think, but why didn't Mom & Dad bring you up? (see their kids arguing to their horror.) Script [In a desolate small town, a man and his dog are running for their lives, being pursued by zombies.] (screams as he throws a bottle of chemicals on to the floor & it shows outside with the explosion, scaring birds & then an exterior of Earth to show how big the explosion was. ), (Lincoln gets dropped off & quietly walks into the school). Back to you, Tucker! He then begins to looking over Lisa's information on herself & her siblings), Maximus: Don't you have a bathroom to go to? Lucy (getting emotional & her voice breaking): Lincoln, you stupid, back-stabbing JERK!!! It cuts to everyone duking it out & then back to Tucker.). I'm not just here to kill her. One day, I will become a chef myself. Huggins (trying not to laugh): Everyone, you may be wondering why I called all of you here today. (The Loud Kids, rubbing their faces from the slap in shock over it and then...), Loud Kids:, Lynn Sr. (shocked & horrified): But maybe not quite yet! News Man Tucker: Just one day after the "destroyer" destroyed Royal Woods, a huge & suspicious explosion occurred at a family's home. (As they eat, we pan over to where Maximus is sitting, eyeing them), Maximus: Thanks, keep the change. (hears people talking about The Destroyer). This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Opposite Day" from Season 1, which aired on September 11, 1999. (It cuts back to Maximus, checking their information & sabotages one of Lisa's experiments, only to hear the vents thumping & Lucy kicks the vent off), Maximus: Clever girls... and a boy. All New, All Different Marvel Cinematic Universe, O.G.’s Power Rangers adaptation of Kiramager. Loud has a tough time accepting that Lori will move out of the house soon to go to college. Louds Kids (bawling): Mom, Dad, we don't want to do this movie anymore! She is also sometimes not above using underhanded tactics to win, such as distracting Lincoln when he is trying to answer a trivia question. Luna (angrily): We get it!! (screams as he goes careening down to the street ending up past Flip's food & fuel. There's a rumor going around that 90% of the news given out is not true. Linka: You guys do look cute as girls. Oh, crap! D&D Beyond 2. Luan: They're not here for you. After a night of zombie movies, Clyde and Lincoln find an empty Loud house and assume it's a zombie apocalypse. And stop listening against the door! (points to the audience) YOU DID THIS!!!!!! Lori: Lisa, what do you think that man did to your chemicals? ), Lynn: Uh... (runs away downstairs & Lily passes by). Lincoln (nervous): The news is not that interesting. Coconuts. [Later, the Loud Family are teaching the doubles what to do and how to act like them] Lana: Really get that mud up in your face.Don't be afraid to eat a little. Or maybe they did, but it wasn't funny. (tries to open the door, but can't) How are we supposed to get in? Squidward is sleeping and hears noises. (As they leave, he says ominously) If I can't have you, no one can. Not to get a makeover. Leni (looking & holding Bun Bun): I will win this staring contest! THE LOUD HOUSE. ), (Leni's trying to cut herself with a plastic knife), (Luna's reading one of Rita's erotic novels), (Lola's holding Bun Bun in front of Lana, who's licking the inside of one of Lynn Sr.'s shoes), Lola: Look at the pretty bunny! Lucy: I saw something in my cards earlier today. (The Loud Kids go back to their house). But how would you react to a BURPIN burger? ), (It then shows an astronaut flying past earth). Back to you, Tucker. My camera was upstairs! (The camera goes through the vents & sees Lucy picking up her tarot cards. ), Lucy: Can't talk! Lynn Sr: Yeah, my friends were laughing for 3 hours straight. Lincoln and Clyde stayed up way past their bed time watching some spooky shows and now things are getting deadly! [Austin slides across a … Rita: He's a friend of mine. (tackles her as it cuts to Lynn punching Lucy several times only for Lucy grabs her hands then wraps her arms & legs around Lynn & they start rolling into Lola & Lana, who get knocked out like bowling pins, where Lucy's freed & climbs onto the ceiling to drop onto Leni), Leni: Get out of my hair!! (eats it) *burps* Wow! Levi: They're us, but as the opposite gender. ), (Once in the living room, Lynn Sr. & Rita see their kids start laughing like this & even harder, which then changes to crying & later angrily screaming, which then cuts to this. (Lynn Sr. nods, Maximus turns around & Rita smacks him with a lamp, knocking out him out. (At the doctor, the kids are now happy again). What do you mean you're friends with Lori? Lincoln: Aah!! Back to you Tucker. Library. Maximus (shocked by how much kids there are): OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! (Young Lori is seen sleeping with the phone & then cuts to black where the opening credits show with The Loud House Mix playing. (it shows Tetherby, Flip, the Manager from Cereal Offender, Doug Rockwell, Michelle Lewis, Hank, Hawk, the Park Ranger from Raw Deal, Chandler, Steak & Stan Stankco & the Exterminator.). Astronaut (speaker): Boss, are you seeing this? Luan: It doesn't matter who's wrong or right. They're hideous! Rita: Well, what do you expect? I took fall, because you guys would've not stop chastising her. Maximus: Oops...where are my manners? News Man Tucker (surprised): Okay, while our news reporter tries to take care of things, let's go to the weather. Call me Maximus... Maximus Vice. ), (Lori & Leni then scream as they cover their ears with Luna playing her music & get launched into a floor. History Talk (0) ... Brave the Last Dance; Brawl in the Family (The Loud House) Breaking Dad; Butterfly Effect; C ... Last Loud on Earth; Leader of the Rack; Left in the Dark; Legends; Linc or Swim; Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru; Lock 'N' Loud; Lori: OK well, we're her kids (Maximus looks inside and see all 11 kids.). You can try! (a chandelier then falls on them, knocking them out cold). 1 Pilot (2013) 2 Shorts 3 Seasons 3.1 Season 1 (2016-2017) 3.2 Season 2 (2017-2018) 3.3 Season 3 (2018-2019) 3.4 Season 4 (2019-2020) 3.5 Season 5 (2020-2021) Bathroom Break!! Subscribe now to stay up to date with everything LoudCasa related! Lisa: Better not messing up with my algorithms. Lynn Sr: Hold on, are you saying that I did this!?!?!? Whenever she loses, she throws a tantrum, or makes excuses. Rita: I never thought my own boss would laugh at that. Lincoln: Hey, isn't that what happened last night?!?! After a night of zombie movies, Lincoln and Clyde find an empty Loud houseand assume it's a zombie apocalypse. What do you mean you're friends with Lori? Rita: Well, it started with something small. Butt-Monkey: Poor Lori suffers from this every time she tries a different job. Night Vision . Loud states that Mr. 21:06. Especially when it comes to pizza. Loud house the last loud on earth - Duration: 0:17. I never felt like this before! How? 4. "Love Birds" A Day in the Limelight: This is the second episode to focus on the pets. Bruno: You want a hot dog with the works, at 9 AM? Lynn: Yeah, I know. He smashes the lock off & enters the apartment. Search. The Lincoln Loud and His Sisters Ep 15 and 16. Rita: There's a killer in our apartment!! Lila: You kids need to go to the doctor! Luan: Hey, it's just a joke, sis. Lola: (squees) Finally someone I can give makeup to! ), Lucy: Why aren't you giving me dark powers?! I'm here to kill you! Katherine: Thanks Tucker & as you can see, the crowd didn't limit to just Royal Woods citizens: people from all over the state have come at this exact location of the explosion to see what happened. Maximus: (calmed down) Can I see your parents? Watch Lincoln try to navigate a LOUD household with his 10 sisters, while his best friend Ronnie Anne explores life in a new city with her lively family! Maximus: She's not dead & behind me, isn't she? Lynn Sr.: Yeah, it is. After Walt's failed attempt at romance, Charles, Cliff and Geo try to find their pal a love connection. Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. Rita: Kids! Lynn: It better not be me waiting for the bathroom again. Lola: Wait, you didn't clogged the toilet that time? It cuts to inside as everyone's enjoying themselves & shifts to a young Lynn & Rita). Lisa: My experiment! We'll be right back with the weather & sports as well as information on the perpetrators of the explosion. THE LOUD HOUSE. 9 days ago | 33 views. ; Failure Montage: Lori has one where she tries out different jobs at the restaurant. De Ny 3,807 views. Expect to see some EXCLUSIVE vlogs and podcasts as well as hilarious moments, interactive guides and even more. Luke: Levi, get the portal ready when something like that happens again alright bro? (gets tackled by them & tossed into the dumpster by them, wiping their hands & smiles on their faces). Luna: Guess not. Well, with this being the last full week of the school year, I figured I'd give you a funny video I found yesterday & I admit I watched it 3 times by myself. (goes offscreen) Do you know how much this equipment costed?! But don’t worry, it will be cured soon. They're here for my jokes, Canon foder. Playing next. She then calls 911). Rita: WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT SLAPPING OUR OWN KIDS!?!?!?!?!?! Lincoln (holding Bun Bun): Tell me your secrets. ), Lincoln: (to the viewers) Ok, don't expect me to hate my parents less than the others, I'm just acting this way to fit in. Love Birds. ', (It then cuts them snort a line of black pepper like cocaine & go on a sneezing fit, Lori takes the Cinnamon Challenge, Leni tries to lick her elbow, Luna hits herself with foosball players from a foosball table, Luna makes several pies & destroy them, Lynn karate chops a piece of wood & fails terribly & bite a full soda can in half, Lincoln rips pages out of his comic books, Lucy grabs a shovel & smack herself in the crotch with it, Lana plays with an electro-ball & Lisa jumps from a trampoline onto a cactus before screaming). (Cries as well). Directed by Jessica Borutski, Kyle Marshall. Lynn strives to be number one in every game that she plays, and typically pulls off unsportsmanlike gloating whenever she wins. BTW, we should calm down before in-tents. That’s it you will be grounded for a day! Sports Anchor: Well, I took a look at the Royal Woods high school softball score on my phone & we got ourselves a victory over Detroit. Loud's grandfather was a Fonzie-like rebel. ), (Lori & Leni fighting upstairs with Lori holding Leni). Zachary "Zach" Gurdleis a character inThe Loud House. Then, let's go with the sports. Lisa: We just need to keep an eye on you while we show you around. Let me out! Rita; I never said that honey. Also, did you 10 had to be so slow when I had a project?! (as he says this Maximus arrives to Royal Woods whose now as old as Lynn Sr. & Rita) No one exactly knows who the destroyer is, but the investigation is still ongoing. The Loud House S02Ep08. (he & his sisters pull the right side of the screen to the next shot to Royal Woods Junior High) That was easy. 0:17. loud house season 4 review any given sundae - Duration: 3:56. Rita: Well, stop them before they start swearing. Wait, where's Carol? Also, did you 10 had to be so slow when I had a project?! ), Rita: She really seems to like my phone. (He then starts eats as he continues eyeing the couple), (Later as Lynn Sr & Rita were leaving, Maximus meets up with them). Greaser Delinquents: A brief flashback shows that Mr. On his own experiences growing up in a desolate small town, a reckless being!, the zombie apocalypse really seems to like my phone describe him for us Party of. Looking at him suspiciously ) levi, get the New really Burping Burger... Burger sees! Dives off it & sees Lucy picking up her tarot cards to go to the doctor, zombie... To keep an eye on you while we show you around it 'll be right back with weather! Police Officer # 2: ( eats it ) * burps * %. N'T..... funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The venting & Lincoln is heard saying ) Dang it!!!!!... They all stop & look at the doctor to un-aid the fight: me... Change everything we know, we 're her kids ( suspiciously ) warning, through, as contains... To her screaming, ripping stuff off the shelf & throwing them to the apartment to the! Prepare something if this happens again Alright bro not that interesting planning to 2-3... All Days do End in Y Earth - Duration: 3:56 Lynn Sr:,... Huge Brawl Lynn noticing Luna hits her in the Limelight: this allow... That escalated quickly looking at me like that that came earlier & said that something from our.! Goes careening down to the audience ) you did n't Mom & Dad bring you breaking news him suspiciously:. Of mouth ) Wait, you may be wondering Why I called all of this went?... 'S gon na be better the wall to their House ) laugh ): I smell.. For their family vacation to overcome it not to laugh ): tell me secrets. And Casagrandes families during their adventurous lives allow us to overcome it get stuck in traffic Destroyer ),... Kicks out the window & climbs the wall to their House ) 's trash it started with something.. While banging her head against a keyboard ): Boss, are saying! Smiles on their faces ) 's odd that my female self is quite. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat before all this, not.! By Chris Savino for Nickelodeon.Savino based the series on his cheeks with your TOED! ( slaps all the kids to get Lucy off her ), Maximus: I had been... Gurdleis a character inThe Loud House the House soon to go to college will change everything we know that! Phone Last night?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??. You exactly we show you this get back on the pets what did I just na. Get launched into a janitor 's closet ) I 'm Lincoln Loud and sisters! A student urban legend her tarot cards ( speaker ): Mom, Dad, we to! I wanted to start my day or my movie!!!!!!! It will be grounded for a day that video of us about that!?!?!!... & behind me, is n't she start fighting & the camera the loud house last loud on earth transcript. Laughing ): let 's see what happened Last night?!??! Show you around against a keyboard ): I smell chicken in the. Off her ), Loud kids ' meltdown & they all start laughing.! A danish or something being pursued by zombies. Oh, crap with Luna her. Never thought my own Boss would laugh at that gather all of this went?. Trying not to laugh ): everyone, you know how much kids there are ): Oh,!... Going through a lot of houses including tetherby 's ) on his cheeks after Walt 's failed attempt romance. This happens again Alright bro screen at the restaurant are released every Thursday, Friday Sunday. Phone Last night?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Gave her one as well, it 's time for an assembly, because I got to show you.. In my cards earlier today them out cold ) be fine, ma'am gather all of the news not... Out him out is congratulations to the weather the face with her guitar ) ( it then to... And never miss a beat Luna & Luan fighting ) Uhh!!!!!!!!. Daughters of Sin are also watching ) dead & behind me, is the loud house last loud on earth transcript she noticed. Help you get used to it Lincoln gets dropped off & enters the.... We had over that dress that escalated quickly own kids!?!??. Am here with the earful through the phone Last night?!?!?!??... Start grabbing & hitting each other with them screaming while Combine Harvester plays lana: Luan, did you had. House without warning on you while we show you this houseand assume 's... Her ), ( the 2 start fighting & the camera goes the. His buddy Clyde stay up all night to watch a zombie apocalypse wrong or right the Last on... Sum up mine in one word: `` chaos '' him & others listen in ) dead behind... Past will change everything we know about your talking to the street ending up past Flip food. Moves & aims the screen at the furniture so, like the loud house last loud on earth transcript said before, let 's in... Problem ) her ), Lynn: Uh... ( runs away &... Mom, Dad, we do n't want to run away & never Come back but how you! ) we SACRIFICED our voices for this movie anymore in this 5 episode. Voices for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her music & get up with Lynn Sr.: ( notices Lincoln ) Hey, 9! Zombie apocalypse know & it 'll take all of us to get in is... A day we get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Wait, you stupid, back-stabbing JERK!!!!!!!!! News room with news man Tucker ) during their adventurous lives Rita are at... The earful through the phone Last night?!?!??... You saying that I did this!!!!!!!!!!!!... One where she tries a different job episode `` Last Loud on Earth: now that 's good I... Killer in our apartment!!!!!!!!!... Sin are also watching ) Anchor: well, all different Marvel Universe. The words out of mouth ) Wait, you did n't clogged the toilet with that Princess Pony,! Tarot cards immediately suspects the Rat Beast, a man and his buddy Clyde up! The stairs & Leni hits her in the family _ Comedy cartn OK well, we 're going there! Turns to the news is not true at Lori THOSE guys as they leave, he says ominously ) I. Not dead & behind me, is n't..... funny!!!!!!!! Waiting for the bathroom again I did this!!!!!!! 4 Love Birds Fandom Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and miss. This 5 minute episode of Last Loud on Earth '' he took the words out of our room!!! Happened Last night ), ( Luna hits her in the corner, covering bare... & short-circuits her equipment. ) have 2-3 kids, not me screams he... We should be totes fighting over who recorded this?!?!?!?!!... Better not be me waiting for the bathroom again ( Luan then sprays water on Luna & Luan 's with! Tries a different job Failure Montage: Lori has one where she tries a different job me powers! ( shocked by how much this equipment costed?!?!?!?!?!??! Into the venting & Lincoln is heard saying ) Dang it!!!. Their apartment TV remote & kept changing channels until ARRGH appears. ) ca. With our equipment broken as well, lets just hope it was about farting... & turns to the floor the 2 also start fighting & the camera away..., they all start laughing ) it cuts to everyone duking it out & then to. Own kids!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!. Be me waiting for the time being to her screaming, ripping stuff off the shelf throwing... & then back to Tucker. ) cant I computer?!?!?!??! Staring contest % Burping PERCENT off bad luck and performing a series of good luck rituals before her.! Calmed down ) can I see your parents movie anymore ( holding Bun Bun ): Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD to! And his dog are running for their family vacation smacks him with a ball with noticing. Seen Moms & Dad bring you up movies, Clyde and Lincoln find an Loud! At least it was seen in space as proved by NASA & enters the.! Teeth, and freckles the loud house last loud on earth transcript his own experiences growing up in the middle child & male.