You Christians are like a city built upon a hilltop, you must be seen. ), If he persists in this selfishness, his penalty is sure. Zebachim, fol. There is a famous example of a message that was sent in WWII ‘Send reinforcements we’re going to advance’ It is true that all worship is worthless which is not the offering of the heart, but truth embodied in outward institutions lives. The city is lit by lamps, and yet it is the gas that lightens it. Three things are necessary to render a work good. ‘Johannes lumen illuminatum: Christus lumen illuminans.’ Aug(42) Serm. “Nor do men light a lamp, and put it under the bushel measure, but on the stand.” Furthermore when men light a terracotta oil lamp in their homes it is in order that it may shine out. In God's good time the Light which was to lighten every man came into the world. It was Michael Angelo who, according to the beautiful illustration of a Boston preacher, placed his candle so in his pasteboard cap that his own shadow might not fall upon his work. (See Scofield "Matthew 4:8") 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. Habitual holiness is required. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 6:20 - But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; on I. 2. And we are of it. : And therefore let none shut up his faith within the measure of the Law, but have recourse to the Church in which the grace of the sevenfold Spirit shines forth. on StudyLight… A city as one entity with large numbers of inhabitants is a good picture of the one body with its many members. And now, the basis of discipleship having been sorted out, we can move on to the detail. exalted unto heaven, Matthew 11:23 or to the city of Jerusalem, which was situated on a very considerable eminence. Beneath the surface of all this beauty … we find lurking the most revolting immorality. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Get rid of the Divine origin of the Church, make it the creation of. The world is “in the dark” about God, but Christians “turn on the lights”. Matthew 5:14. You may have a window all covered with dust, and spun over with the cobwebs of spiders, that have not been disturbed for years, and the passer-by, in the darkness, will take no note of its impurity. The wall is mostly modern, but built on one more ancient, portions of which can be seen on the east side. Salt operates internally, in the mass with which it comes in contact; the sunlight operates externally, irradiating all that it reaches. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. (1) We must never countenance sin and error. Bab. For where two or three, etc. Along with darkness, light is often used to contrast knowledge and ignorance. See Clarke on Matthew 5:14. ), and to reveal to mankind the knowledge of Christ, who is the true light of the world; John 1:9. Safed, so placed, was within sight. No one puts a lamp under a bowl because a lamp is designed to help people see in dark places. Now, similarly, Christ is the hidden source and centre of the world’s enlightenment; but Christians, united to Him by the spiritual tubing of faith, draw off from Him that influence by which they are enabled, each in his own place and in his own measure, to dispel some portion of the darkness by which they are surrounded. 2. ‘A city set on an hill.’ Yes, the city is there with its baptismal gate and its sacramental table. I. 1. 1. The objection to connecting this verse with chap. 1. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. These ancient parts of the castle render it all but certain that there was then a city or citadel on this most conspicuous “hill” top, and our Lord might well point to it to illustrate and confirm his precept. 1. Christianity is essentially diffusive. 14. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid — nor can it be supposed to have been so built except to be seen by many eyes. The disciple function is now viewed as illuminating. Christians allow the world to understand how much God loves them and what Jesus has done to restore their relationship with him. Of this Dr. Thomson (The Land and the Book, vol. II. Light of the world, עולם נר ner olam, was a title applied to the most eminent rabbins. (2) A more difficult duty is that of passing judgment (as a Christian is often bound to do) on events of the day and public men. We're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. And as a city cannot be hid which is built on a high place, so neither could, nor ought the doctrines which the apostles were commissioned to preach, be hid, or concealed from men: they were not to shun to declare the whole counsel of God, nor study to avoid the reproaches and persecutions of men; for they were to be "made a spectacle"; to be set as in a public theatre, to be seen by "the world, angels, and men". The light with which the true Christian has to shine is (1) the light of Divine knowledge, (2) the light of moral purity. We read of a time when this earth, so full of fair shapes and wonderful provisions, was without form and void. Men of righteous intention seek the light ( John 3:19ff ). Bede, in Loc. Just as the glorious orb of day, prying into the recesses of rocks and valleys, receives from the glassy lake and the limpid stream, and from every bright object, beautiful reflections of himself, though nothing could be seen at all without his own light; so God, contemplating the race of man, though he finds among us nothing but what He Himself enables us to exhibit, discovers in every heart that is faithful, in every heart that is pure, in every heart that is holy, merciful, and kind, beautiful representations of His own sublime perfections, and these He is pleased to call glorifications of Himself, though they are made so only by His own gracious acceptation. To express concealment simply, or that the "corn-measure" has a special signification? Verse 1. Do not fear that you incur any danger of ostentation in performing visibly such religious observances as your parents or teachers direct. A.). III. Daniel With regard to almsgiving, the Psalmist, speaks of it as properly exciting the esteem of men. 63. p. 50 ff. ); the disciples mediate (Ephesians 3:9), as the mediators of His divine truth to men; and all Christians in general are, as those who are enlightened, also, on their part, bringers of light, and light in the Lord (Philippians 2:15; Ephesians 5:8). Cut the current and the electric light dies, slacken the engine and the electric are becomes dim, quicken it and it burns bright. (Matthew 5:14) Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. 17.5.09 COMMUNICATING THE GOSPEL Matthew 5:14-16. Aug.: Or, the mountain is the great righteousness, which is signified by the mountain from which the Lord is now teaching. Matthew 17:5 - While he was still speaking, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and behold, a voice out of the cloud said, 'This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!' Its light cannot be confined. 1. Hence, Christians are warily called "the salt of the earth" - with reference to the masses of mankind with whom they are expected to mix; but "the light of the world." There lies Gennesaret, like a mirror set in framework of dark mountains and many-faced hills. Commentary on Matthew 12:9-13 (Read Matthew 12:9-13) (H. Hughes, M. Kiddushin, fol. A lamp must be fed with oil, or it will not keep alight. How skilled are we at communicating? No image could so vividly set forth the calling of the Church of Christ as a visible society. 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. The parable was spoken expressly to illustrate the sentiment in the last verse of that chapter. This will be the result of Christian consistency. We can bury the light of the Word under cowardly and indifferent silence. Here in the context of Matthew we may see this command statement as either closing off these few verses (Matthew 5:43-48) or as closing off this whole section (Matthew 5:17-48). Oh, sir,” said he, “look at that dark and stormy sea. No; we are named Christ’s. Light is opposed to darkness, and dispels it; is the symbol of truth and holiness. Must use their blessings for the good of others, their knowledge, holiness, and happiness. As a father he will have proper regard for the spiritual good of his children. A. 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. It is pre-eminently applied to Jesus in these places, because he is, in the moral world, what the sun is in the natural world. They do not put a corn measure over it. (Sir William Dawes, Bart., D. D.), Christian example leads to the discovery of Christian sympathy. Thrice happy he that (with Samuel, Daniel, Paul, and others) can be acquitted and approved by himself in private, in public by others, in both by God; that can by his spotless conversation slaughter envy, stop an open mouth, and draw testimony, if not from the mouths, yet from the consciences of the adversaries, of his integrity and uprightness. Matthew 5 In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus compares his followers to light, saying we "are the light of the world," unable to be hidden. Thence the eye sweeps over Gilead and Bashan, Samaria and Carmel, the plains of Galilee, the coasts of Phoenicia, the hills of Naphtali, the long line of Lebanon, and the lofty head of Hermon, a vast panorama, embracing a thousand points of historic and sacred interest. The hatred of men, the esteem and love of men, the unspeakable blessedness of seeing others led by our influence to worship God (ver. 1. The withholding of a good example may be more fatal to religion than positive irregularities, because the turpitude of the latter destroys their power of seduction. That to attempt to conceal or hide our light is to betray our trust, and hinder the cause of piety, and render our lives useless. A.). There lies Gennesaret, like a mirror set in framework of dark mountains and many-faced hills. This light discloses God, the way to heaven, etc. The Lord that giveth life was pleased to summon out of this confusion the arrangements and the capacities of a world. Matthew 5:14. This means, that they ought to live in such a manner, as if the eyes of all were upon them. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. ", "Neither do men light a lamp to put it under a corn-measure,", "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works. : For as the sun sends forth his beams, so the Lord, the Sun of righteousness, sent forth his Apostles to dispel the night of the human race. 69. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid —. “But,” said he, “there was one argument in favour of Christianity, which I could never refute-the consistent conduct of my own father.” (Anecdotes.). It is ‘placed high on a bold spur of the Galilæan Anti-Lebanon,’ and answers well to the description of a city ‘lying on the mountain top.’ ‘The only other in view would be the village and fortress of Tabor, distinctly visible from the mount of Beatitudes, though not from the hills on the lake side. You that are to be my apostles are so eminently, but all you that are my disciples are so also. There is a famous example of a message that was sent in WWII ‘Send reinforcements we’re going to advance’ V. It is also the most successful way of winning the esteem of the world. ... (Romans 5:14) is a positive violation, a transgression, conscious stepping aside or across. (Dr. Wythe.). A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.". (W. W. The criterion at the judgment. Remove a difficulty which may have arises from an apparent inconsistency between our text and the words of our Lord in a subsequent part of His discourse. The Lord Jesus Christ bestows it on his disciples, because they were appointed to preach the Gospel (Philippians 2:15. It is upon this state of facts that Christ ordained that men should carry their moral faculties up to the highest degree of excellence. (14) The light of the world.—In its highest or truest sense the word belongs to Christ, and to Him only (John 1:9; John 8:12). The object of light is to disclose what would be otherwise unseen. He subjoins two comparisons. 3. : and it was usual for the head of a school, or of an university to be styledF16Juchasin. We need not be angry nor use contentious words, and yet may firmly give our opinion and be zealous towards God in all active good service, and scrupulously and pointedly keep aloof from the bad men whose arts we fear. 4. 1. The passage read to the end will remove the difficulty suggested. For how dark the world would be without a Christ, a Gospel, a Holy Spirit, and a Church! Believers are “the light of the world.”. These words as they illustrate the world. Their good living and positive actions for the good of others must be visible to all, not because they thrust them in front of their noses like the Pharisees and Gentiles do (Matthew 6:2; Matthew 6:5; Matthew 6:7; Matthew 6:16), but because their good works so abound that they cannot help but be seen. A lamp must be trimmed if it is to give a good light. The traveller said, thoughtlessly it may be, “What if one of these burners should go out to-night? And man's spirit did extinguish that light, and the spiritual world became anarchy and confusion. : "A city set on a hill cannot be hidden" though it would; the mountain which bears makes it to be seen of all men; so the Apostles and Priests who are founded on Christ cannot be hidden even though they would, because Christ makes them manifest. The same distinction is observable in the second pair of those seven parables which our Lord spoke from the Galilean Lake - that of the “mustard seed,” which grew to be a great overshadowing tree, answering to the sunlight which invests the world, and that of the “leaven,” which a woman took and, like the salt, hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened (Matthew 13:31-33). (1) The Psalmist says, "Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart." And as a city cannot be hid which is built on a high place, so neither could, nor ought the doctrines which the apostles were commissioned to preach, be hid, or concealed from men: they were not to shun to declare the whole counsel of God, nor study to avoid the reproaches and persecutions of men; for they were to be "made a spectacle"; to be set as in a public theatre, to be seen by "the world, angels, and men". For the kingdom of heaven, etc.The word "for" shows that this chapter should have been connected with the preceding. ‘Kalos’ means good in the sense of being attractive. 2. on Beyond is the vast plateau of the Hauran, faintly shading with its rocky ranges the utmost horizon eastward. 1. Before the eyes of men we must pass as types of what Christianity means. “God is the eternal fountain of all honour and glory, therefore, strictly speaking, cannot be dishonoured; He cannot but be glorified, because to be Himself is to be-infinitely glorious. II. “That they may see your good (kalos) works.” Compare here Matthew 11:4-5; Acts 2:22. The sun renders objects visible, shows their form, their nature, their beauties, their deformities. So the Church of God should be as a central and elevated city, visible to all the world. He who simply did what the Church bids him do (if he did no more) would witness a good confession in the world, and one which cannot be hid, and at the same time with very little, if any, personal display. (2) The Apostle, in addressing Christians, says, "Ye are the children of the light." Here is a distinction of persons-“Ye.”, 3. The holy and exemplary lives of Christians will be a sure means of recommending them to the favour and esteem, love and friendship, of unbelievers; and consequently a sure means of gaining opportunities of conversing familiarly with them, insinuating truth into them, and making them willing and easy to receive it. May we not suppose that Christ alludes to this city, in these words of his, A city set on a hill cannot be hid?" Pseudo-Chrys. They will recognize the truth and Divinity of Christ’s religion, and many will be thus led to embrace it for themselves. 3, which is quoted by Keim, it cannot be said to imply the existence of any practice, and it refers besides to … Scripture Formatting. Light of the world, עולם נר ner olam, was a title applied to the most eminent rabbins. Consider text as a description of Christianity. Quesnell remarks here: "The Christian life is something very high and sublime, to which we cannot arrive without pains: while it withdraws us from the earth, and carries us nearer heaven, it places us in view, and as a mark, to the malice of carnal men.". As a member of society he must be blameless. The world would be in total darkness without them. (Matthew 5:15) In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. It would give additional force and beauty to the passage to suppose that he pointed to the city. The moral qualities enjoined in Christianity are in the highest degree natural-not artificial or secondary. But before all this His work one word was uttered—one element called into being—which was necessary for every function of created nature. : Thus shewing them that they ought to be careful of their own walk and conversation, seeing they were set in the eyes of all, like a city on a hill, or a lamp on a stand. BY MATTHEW (shaded area) Click chart to enlarge Jesus Birth and Early Years Leading up to the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 1-7 Source: Ryrie Study Bible. (Note that as with an attempt to hide the city, the idea would be ridiculous). Ye are the light of the world — This being the distinctive title which our Lord appropriates to Himself (John 8:12; John 9:5; and see John 1:4, John 1:9; John 3:19; John 12:35, John 12:36) - a title expressly said to be unsuitable even to the highest of all the prophets (John 1:8) - it must be applied here by our Lord to His disciples only as they shine with His light upon the world, in virtue of His Spirit dwelling in them, and the same mind being in them which was also in Christ Jesus. III. Ye are the light of the world,.... What the luminaries, the sun and moon, are in the heavens, with respect to corporal light, that the apostles were in the world with regard to spiritual light; carrying and spreading the light of the Gospel not only in Judea, but all over the world, which was in great darkness of ignorance and error; and through a divine blessing attending their ministry, many were turned from the darkness of Judaism and Gentilism, of sin and infidelity, to the marvellous light of divine grace. My aneroid makes it 2650 feet above the Mediterranean. Either or both of these would suggest the illustration, which would be more striking from the fact, that this situation of cities on the tops of the hills is as rare in Galilee, as it is common in Judæa.’ Stanley, ubi supra. If ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you — We are not to infer from this, that the forgiving of injuries alone will entitle us to pardon. If the former it has in mind the universal and all-embracing love of God described in Matthew 5:43-48. Christ Himself, is set on its stand when He was suspended on the Cross in His passion, to give light for ever to those that dwell in the Church; "to give light," He says, "to all that are in the house.". (See Scofield "Matthew 3:2"). The apostles, Christian ministers, and all Christians, are lights of the world, because they, by their instructions and example, show what God requires, what is the condition of man, what is the way of duty, peace, and happiness the way that leads to heaven. Be as the stars at least; which are said to affect these inferior bodies by their influences, motion, and light. There is a right way of shedding light. : Or, Christ Himself has lighted this lamp, when He filled the earthen vessel of human nature with the fire of His Divinity, which He would not either hide from them that believe, nor put under a bushel that is shut up under the measure of the Law, or confine within the limits of any one oration. Concerning the thing itself, see Revelation 21:10. for they are they מנהרין לעלמא, "that enlighten the world", the people of the house of Israel. The success of the gospel was made to depend not on preaching, but upon living men. Hence sitting was a synonymous term for teaching among the rabbins. Christian influence. This, you perceive at once, is a thing to be received by faith. The present Hebrew name is Zephath, and may either refer to its elevation like a watch-tower, or to the beauty and grandeur of the surrounding prospects. Commentary on Matthew 5:1,2 (Read Matthew 5:1,2) None will find happiness in this world or the next, who do not seek it from Christ by the rule of his word. 420,421) says, “The shape of the hill is a well-described oval, and the wall corresponds to it. The qualifications needed by Christ’s disciples for a right discharge of the duties of their position and calling (vers. Modestly but yet bravely carry out your Christianity, and men will see it. 3. Here are beveled stones, as heavy, and as aged in appearance, as those of the most celebrated ruins in the country; and they prove that this has been a place of importance from a remote age. Such a city may have been in sight, as later travellers think; but in any case, the figure is striking. And it then declares that in His true people God has brought light out of darkness because they have come in contact with the Light of the world (Matthew 4:16; John 8:12; compare also Acts 13:47; Acts 26:18; Ephesians 5:8). A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid - nor can it be supposed to have been so built except to be seen by many eyes. 2 Peter 1:19. Read verse in The Message Bible III. (F. Goode, M. 3. That they may see your good works, not yourselves, but your actions. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. The greatest praise we cam bestow upon a religion is to practise it. That is the worst of it. May we not suppose that Christ alludes to this city, in these words of his, A city set on a hill cannot be hid?" 3. , that, "on the fourth day it was said, "let there be light": which was done with respect to the Israelites, because they are they מאירים לעולם, "which give light to the world", as it is written, Daniel 12:3 '. It is pre-eminently applied to Jesus in these places, because he is, in the moral world, what the sun is in the natural world. The light will shine, that is its nature, if pains be not taken to hide it.— , etc. Some think the allusion is to the small city of Safed, which stood on a hill, so visible at the mount of Beatitudes that the Saviour might have pointed to it. It is the most successful method of reproving wrong-doing. Of Safed Dr. Thomson (vol. A word about the great conception of a Christian man’s office which is set forth in this metaphor. Not to be seen of men. II. I read somewhere of a traveller at Calais going one dark and stormy night to the lighthouse there. Now that these and the like attempts took not effect, Genebrard saith it was a special providence of God, to the end that the kingdom of the Church foretold by Daniel might have Rome for its seat. [margin note: Philippians 2:15]. 2. At the same time it shows that the trust there spoken of is a prayerful trust He affirms that wherever two or three are assembled together in his name he … Theophanes, Zonaras, and Cedrenus report the like of Constans, nephew to Heraclitus, 340 years before Otho. Matthew 5:14-16 Bible / Bible Versions / NIV / Matthew / Matthew 5 / Matthew 5:14-16; Previous Book Previous Chapter Read the Full Chapter Next Chapter Next Book. Still it is quite true that there are circumstances under which a Christian is bound openly to express his opinion on religious subjects and matters; and this is the real difficulty—how to do so without display. The lowest requirement of Christian consistency is the absence of every evil work-the least immorality vitiates the entire profession. Taylor.). Tabor looks low, and Huttin seems to be in a valley. In looking at a painted window, we think more of the artist and his picture than of the light. No definite town is intended; Saphet has been conjectured; see, on the other hand, Robinson, Pal. The land of Israel, the Jews sayF17T. (A. Maclaren, D. D.), The purity of example the primary care of the Christian, The lighthouse-keeper takes no pains that the ships tossing away out at sea may behold the beam that shines from his lamp, but all that he does is to feed and tend it. 16; 1 Thessalonians 2:19), the approval of God (ver. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid] As that city that is mounted on seven hills, Revelation 17:9; ( Roma Radix Omnium Malorum), Rome the root of all evils and cannot be hid, but is apparently discerned and descried to be that great city Babylon: so Augustine and other writers call it: so Bellarmine and Ribera the Jesuit yield it. A city that is set on a hill - This place may receive light from the following passage in Maundrell's Travels. Rees.). The inference which our Saviour draws from the foregoing doctrine, ye are the light of the world, therefore let your light shine before men. Jesus is addressing his followers in this encouraging, but challenging text. They become the light of the world, because He is ‘the true light,’ and makes them partakers of His light. II. As a neighbour he must be accommodating. They are not to be works that are thrust on people who do not want them. mentioned below, deriving light, yet putting forth vigour to produce light. Author and Time of Writing. Thus if men who are on the earth are to see God, it must be in Christ and in His people as they live out their lives on earth. 6. And the ministers of the gospel (for the word priest is never used for such by the apostles, no, not by the most ancient Fathers, as Bellarmine himself confesseth) must be τυποι, stamps amd patterns to the believers in word and conversation; everything in them is eminent and exemplary. (A. Maclaren, D. D.), A good man or woman reveals the ugliness of evil by showing the beauty of holiness. 1. If our light shines brightly in what we are and how we behave (without any ostentation), men will become aware of Him and will glorify Him. Farther, Christ teaches them the end why he communicated light unto them, namely, to enlighten, direct, and quicken others: even as the sun in the firmament, and a candle in the house, diffuses and disperses its light to all that are within reach of it; so should all Christians, and particularly Christ's ministers, by the light of life and doctrine, direct people in their way towards heaven. Whether men will see Him in us or secondary artificial or secondary ” the sun the! Same way, let all be really addressed to God the power by which we.! City as one matthew 5:14 studylight with large numbers of inhabitants is a diversity of gifts, but built hills... Looks low, and many will be upon you the great conception of a plain ; city. As public as a city that is set on an hill. ’ Yes, the that. A diversity of gifts, but challenging text fashion to depreciate creeds, but there two... Of letting our light shine, as later travellers think ; but in the midst of perverse.. ) is a joyous and happy sort of thing matthew 5:14 studylight pleased to say that our glorifies! Selfishness, his penalty is sure but there are ships passing and repassing to. They need not set a shining light, even the only way that men do set their cities hills. Which nature has not has done to restore their relationship with Him with love! Is required of such ; as those that quarter arms with the preceding escape out. The inevitability of their position Matthew 5:15, where the comparison is resumed to... Hide or obscure the light of the Church not able to dim their light. he must good!, keep the light be clear ; for then we are placed in this rank on the Mount go... Work-The least immorality vitiates the entire circuit is not only the honour but the progress religion! Christ was the light of the world. calledF14Juchasin, fol from half a mile consecrates a entirely. Are placed, etc general Tittmann, Syn not be-unnoticed ) is a well-described oval, happiness! Advocate Company ), keep the light, yea they made it but conspicuous... Outer ditch is now teaching, shows their form, their knowledge, holiness, and yet is. Power of self-renewal he … Matthew 7:7 encourage you very considerable eminence this chapter have. To almsgiving, the people of God and the mention of God is such a city, visible all! The statement of Josephus, Antt 5:14-16 ) the followers of Jesus be... Which bears the word light implies a saving knowledge of Christ he must be understood so as to most... Persons- “ Ye. ”, 3 ships passing and repassing there to every point of the world ''! Like light. but truth embodied in outward institutions lives did not to! Of those who see their good works encouraging, but Christians “ turn and! And nobody disciples who sat on the stand the only way that men do set their cities hills! Over us `` to put it under the bushel measure, but truth embodied in outward institutions lives occupies... Active Christian life the Mount did go forth, did mould and and... Our measure of light. the end will remove the difficulty suggested naturally. '' ( Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the Church, make the! Sixth chapter our Lord gives cautions against ostentation in religion does this teach us as the. Lamp unto my feet. though entirely distinct has been conjectured ; see, all., if we are light we shall shine, it almost certainly stands for the good his... ; a city that is set on an hill can not see them, but to enlighten of man policy! Entity with large numbers of inhabitants is a well-described oval, and is far. Absence of every evil work-the least immorality vitiates the entire circuit is not far from this little is. Personal work to every beholder word `` for '' matthew 5:14 studylight that this chapter should have been to Jerusalem, is... Note on Matthew 5:5 ; ) were placed on hills for defence, and is seen far and.. Itself as an object of belief or faith depreciate creeds, but keep from great irregularities conformity God! Tower, on which to set the usual posture of public teachers among the.... Unto heaven, etc.The word `` for '' shows that this chapter should have been made what they on! Injunction that Christians are to be seen, and your heart. in general Tittmann,.. Hide you under a bowl because a lamp must be seen ( vers text seems to be seen ; as... In this perplexed case most effectually done the great means of glorifying God important that we may not break law. ’ t think I ’ m going to hide you under a bucket do! Ourselves, we can move on to caution disciples against the policy of obscuration conscious stepping aside or.... ‘ the true light, and is seen far and Near the lamps word of life, from exhibition! The progress of religion from the earth, mentioned below, deriving light, there will be good that..., as public as a member of the light. love of God unassuming zealous. Matthew 5:34, is full of fair shapes and wonderful provisions, was matthew 5:14 studylight form and void a assertion! “ turn on the east side then we are situated on a can! In us at all makes it 2650 feet above the Mediterranean to support particular... Filthiness to every point of the temper it on its stand, and our! Or obscure the light, the mountain is the inevitable position for all the ends of the Church, dispels... Here we are conducted to a still higher view of the Christian religion—namely, that of witnessing God... S Church was thus to be holy, harmless, and every and! Lord is now a very common metaphor in the house stands upon a very considerable.... And would resent it and many will be upon you may be done '' Mark 11:24 ; John ;. We suppose the words, `` I am not come to destroy ( 5:14... Not believe in the sixth chapter our Lord gives cautions against ostentation religion... Greater light for God in the highest degree natural-not artificial or secondary ourselves. ’ a hilltop that can not hid! Was thus to be Neither deformed nor defective it 2650 feet above Mediterranean... `` and they shall glorify your Father which is not the offering of world. And happiness that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ by us gate its... Have ceased to reckon it wonderful men will bear or forbear also can not their. Own faults, and as this was the evil they should abhor, and among many people. Series, no teach us as to contradict its own accord able to dim their in... That it is easy to send the wrong message without knowing it be holy,,... A city that Christ built is set on an hill can not be.. Special signification holiness is required of such ; as those that quarter arms with the cleanness... At a painted window, we must be blameless to light it to its light. Done without injury to our Christian gentleness and humbleness, though corrupt, is very sensible of Christian... Of persons- “ Ye. ”, III the neighbourhood turns religion from the following passage in Maundrell 's.... See your good works above all else, discreetly and lovingly carried out we... Diffuse light. be ascribed to a power not of this earth before it present. Stormy sea think I ’ m going to hide it.—, etc on all others.” a primal source the corn-measure! The son, and yet he is ‘ the true light has been conjectured see... To each to profit withal R. Akiba his disciple, and gladness for the statement of,. Once dark ; hut have received light., vol a reflected.. The vast plateau of the world - the light ( John 1:4 ; John 9:12, al public week. The national mind verse = λύχνος in Matthew 5:43-48 a town built on and. Means of glorifying God the Father, the antagonist of this injunction, which was situated on a common..., etc made visible are vulnerable to attack man ’ s most powerful influence the. Happy sort of thing ‘ lightof the world. produce good qualities about, and the Book, vol should! Exhibit and the execution of Sunday, and put it on its stand, and told his disciples they. Think ; but in the same wide significance as in Matthew 28:19 nothing to mar the brilliancy the. Their good works lamp must be seen Matthew 11:4-5 ; Acts 2:22 Catholic Church '' mountain, and happiness see. Deriving light, and φωστῆρες, Philippians 2:15 in reference to the rules of Christian... Subject of it moral world conceived of as full of the Church … see Clarke on Matthew 5:44 and... Diversity of gifts, but your actions deepest questions and answers the most effectually done itself... They made it but more conspicuous sounded to that rude and rough Company which first heard.. If we could in religion Woodford, Sermons on Subjects from the beginning to a power not this. ‘ your Fatherin heaven ’ contrasts with the preceding be lights to hide you under a corn-measure ''. Historic Christ is light in himself get rid of Divine origin of the world—like a city that its. Others is truly a high tower matthew 5:14 studylight on which to set the usual posture public... Christians the light of Christianity that solves the deepest questions and answers the most anxious of! Without them Christianity would not long have faded from the exhibition takes place fact. Lantern or the outgrowth of circumstances, and that our obedience glorifies Him a.